Body-Solid Hexagon Attachment SR-BAR



The Body-Solid Hexagon System is perfect for fitness enthusiasts looking to get the most current exercise trends in the comfort of their home. The Body-Solid Hexagon Functional Training Rig is a customizable functional training system.  

One of the simplest add-ons to the Hexagon system is one of the most effective, the SR-BAR Monkey Bars. Don’t be confused, these monkey bars aren’t for kids. Featuring our black powder coat finish, these Monkey Bars offer superior grip on a number of different workouts. The SR-BAR Monkey Bars are the perfect starter piece to your Hexagon Rig!

Compose your own Hexagon Rig and choose from the 24 individual HEXAGON attachments.

Attachment SR-BAR: Monkey bars


Download SR-BAR Owner’s Manual (PDF)

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