Body-Solid Hexagon Attachment SR-LO - Lift-Off (2x)



The Body-Solid Hexagon Functional Training Rig is a customizable functional training system. The Body-Solid Hexagon System is perfect for fitness enthusiasts looking to get the most current exercise trends in the comfort of their home.With so many options you may not know where to start. So we've put together a group of pre-designed packages to choose from. As always, if you have questions or need help finding the best fit for your needs, contact the Authorized Body-Solid distributor near you.

Add support to your Hexagon rig system with the SR-LO Lift Offs. This pair of lift-offs fit the Hexagon’s support columns and are used to hold Body-Solid Olympic bars when not in use as well as add leverage in the beginning of squat exercises.

Compose your own Hexagon Rig and choose from the 24 individual HEXAGON attachments.

Attachment SR-LO: Lift off (2x)


Download CODE Owner’s Manual (PDF)

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