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Body-Solid Power Center Base Frame GBF48

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With using this Base Frame you can build up to the powerful powercenter BF-48GS Advanced and Complete with the linear smith system is one of the most advanced piece of strength equipment Body-Solid offers.

If you 've used a linear smith at the health club, then you know the sound and feel of linear gliding smoothly over case hardened steel guide rods. This is what true power feels like and this what the Body-Solid Linear smith will feel like in your home!

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Continued description

Designed to drastically accelerate strength gains by allowing users to push their own limits and max out without the need for a spotter, the linear smith machine was developed with safety in mind. 14 lock out points provide the start and stop positions you choose with heavy duty adjustable safeties back you up rep after rep.

Precision ground bearings ensure a precise, smooth linear motion system that handles high loads and shocks. Includes heay-duty adjustable safeties.

Last but not least you can add a stable.

  • For Olympic plates
  • Dimensions: L 142 x W 122 x H 204 cm
  • Net weight: 83 kg
  • Color: grey
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