Functional training and group exercise are two of the most exciting trends in the fitness industry. The Body-Solid Hexagon System is perfect for fitness enthusiasts looking to get the most current exercise trends in the comfort of their home.


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The  Body-Solid Hexagon System (SR-HEX) is 83” tall and perfect for garages and facilities with height restrictions.


NEXT, choose the stations right for you. The HEXAGON is a modular training systems that fits any combination of up to twenty of the 23 available stations. Mix and match to create the perfect fit for your facility needs.

01. SR-BAR Monkey Bars 02. SR-BHV Bar Holder 03. SR-BP Band Pegs
04. SR-BT Ball Throw 05. SR-DIP Dip Station 06. SR-DPU Double Pull Up
07. SR-FPU Flying Pull Up 08. SR-HB Heavy Bag 09. SR-HBH Heavy Bag Holder
10. SR-KB Kettlebell Tray 11. SR-LO Lift Offs 12. SR-MB Medicine Ball Tray
13. SR-MGC Multi-Grip Pull Up 14. SR-REB Ball Rebound 15. SR-SBH Stabilitu Ball Holder
16. SR-SC Safety Catches 17. SR-SPU Single Pull Up 18. SR-STEP Plyo Step
19. SR-SUSP Suspension Rings 20. SR-TBR T-Bar Row 21. SR-UL U-Link
22. SR-WPH Weight Plate Horns 23. SR-WPS Weight Plate Storage 24. SR-CB Cannonball Grips (NEW)


OR, choose from one of our pre-designed packages as a starting point. We've developed three different packages.

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