Body-Solid products are sold in every part of the world. But we couldn't do this without you. We need people believing in our products and people that can offer a sales channel. 

This can be a physical store or an ecommerce website, or both. We also work with companies reselling fitness equipment to gyms or other workout facilities. If you are interested in selling our products please contact us at


Transport and Logistics

Our logistic program can handle every kind of order :

  • Small, single unit orders
  • Bigger orders on pallet
  • Container orders from our facility in Belgium
  • Container orders from our bounded warehouse on production

    We're also specialized in drop shipping. Drop shipping is a retail fulfillment method where you, as a customer, don't keep the products you sell in stock. When you sell a product, you just send us the order and we will ship it directly to your customer. As a result of this you never see or handle the product. So there is no need for investing money in inventory or warehousing, and less capital is required.

    Another important part is transport. Many of our customers have agreements with DHL, Schenker, DPD or other international transport companies. We can cooperate with your contact or we can use our own transport company.

    If you have a commercial facility and there is no official point of sales in your area or country please request more info on

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