Body-Solid Deluxe Cable Crossover GDCC250


Body-Solid takes state-of-the-art crossover stations to new heights with the Selectorized Deluxe Cable Crossover, a dynamic addition to any home gym exercise program.

Sturdy and stable, the new design lets you exercise virtually every major muscle group in your body. Interchangeable cable handles provide an unlimited number of possibilities for all experience levels, and the extra wide and tall mainframe provides you with easy access to an endless array of high and low pulley exercises

The Selectorized Deluxe Cable Crossover's unique pull-up station offers multiple grip positions, and dual independent carriages have been ergonomically designed to offer twice as many height adjustments as previous Body-Solid crossover stations.

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With 20 independent height adjustments and 180° cable positioning for frictionless guidance in all directions, the Body-Solid GDCC250 is one of the most versatile and functional machines manufactured today.

When it's time to extend yourself and stretch the limits of your optimum workout, the GDCC250 Selectorized Deluxe Cable Center will be pulling for you to achieve your goals.

Body-Solid is recognized worldwide as a leader in home gyms and commercial strength training equipment. Over 5 million customers are enjoying the results of strength training in their everyday lives. Our equipment is designed to fit a wide variety of lifestyles, space requirements and user sizes. The Body-Solid GDCC250 Selectorized Deluxe Cable Center puts you in position to perform hundreds of strength-efficient exercises including cable crossovers, one-arm rows, leg kickbacks and inclined fly.

  • Strong and reliable, designed for life
  • Large pulleys for smooth movement 180 ° in all directions
  • Adjustable height (20 levels)
  • Possibility to train two
  • Vertical carriage system features fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys and locking, universal attachment connections
  • 11-gauge, 5 x 10 cm oval tubing with an electrostatically applied powder coat finish
  • 4.8 mm diameter spun steel aircraft cables rated to over 1133 kg
  • 20 independent height adjustments and 180º cable positioning
  • 2 x 72.5 kg weight stacks
  • High-density foam rubber handgrips and handles
  • High-density, injected molded end and foot caps
  • Dual position pull-up bar
  • Ideal for home and commercial use
  • Product: L 416.5 x W 73.6 x H 212 cm
  • Package 1: L 198 x W 40 x H 26 cm
  • Package 2: L 198 x W 40 x H 26 cm
  • Package 3: L 170 x W 37 x H 20 cm
  • Net/gross weight : 263.5 kg / 273 kg
  • Colour: grey, black lining


Data Sheet (PDF)

Owner’s manual (PDF)

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