Body-Solid Pro-Dual Leg Extension and Curl Machine DLEC-SF


Body-Solid Pro Dual Leg Extension & Curl Machine

Angles and ergonomics are key for effective, efficient workouts of the quadriceps. Using a properly adjusted machine, a user will feel the muscles being worked as the exercise is performed.

An elliptical cam keeps the user's arc of movement smooth and provides variable resistance through a full range of motion. The recumbent Durafirm™ back pad adjusts to fit any size user and eliminates lower back strain. The Pro Dual Leg Extension/Leg Curl Machine also features pop-pin adjustable foot pads to assure proper alignment, while the adjustable thigh pads provide stabilization during exercise. Hold-down grips provide ultimate stability for a worry-free workout.

With gracefully curved frames constructed from sleek, power-coated tubing that exhibits a modern, design-forward aesthetic, the Body-Solid Pro Dual Leg Extension/Leg Curl Machine builds form into function and value into a superior modular strength training system.

Best of all, you can buy with confidence, because the Pro Dual Leg Extension & Curl Machine is built to last a lifetime and is backed by the strongest warranty in the industry!

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  • Continuous welded, factory assembled weight frame
  • Fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys
  • 11 gauge 6 x 12 cm oval tubing
  • Electrostatic applied powder coated
  • 5.5 mm diameter, 1000 kg rated aircraft cable
  • Durafirm™ upholstery over 5 cm high density foam
  • 3 gauge steel connecting plates
  • 1.25 cm diameter connecting bolts
  • High density foam rubber hand grips and handles
  • Industrially rated, sealed bearings at all pivot points
  • Adjustable seat back and leg rollers
  • Counterbalanced leg extension
  • Ergonomic seat with 12 adjustable back pad positions for users of all size
  • Oversized 23 cm diameter self-adjusting leg pad provides comfort and proper alignment during both leg curls and leg extensions
  • Leg pad has 7 adjustments for both leg curls and leg extensions
  • Pop-pin adjustable thigh hold-down pad
  • Includes a 95 kg weight stack with a 140 kg weight stack option.
  • Works as a modular component on the Pro Dual 3-Stack and 4-Stack Gyms
  • Ideal for home and commercial use
  • Product : L 116.8 x W 167.6 x H 157.5 cm
  • Package 1: L 100 x W 84 x H 33 cm
  • Package 2: L 129 x W 59 x H 25 cm
  • Package 3: L 210 x W 86 x H 22 cm
  • Package 4 : N/A
  • Net/gross weight : 233.6 kg / 264.7 kg
  • Color: grey and black

Data Sheet (PDF)

Owner’s manual (PDF)

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