Body-Solid Selectorized Biceps & Triceps Machine GCBT-STK


This unique cam design features intelligent dual function capabilities for the price of one. The bicep triceps machine features a wide range of adjustability from a 7 position seat adjustment to 28 different starting positions ensuring full range of motion.

The bicep curl pivots and rotates to accommodate forearm length while reducing wrist stress. Positioned at a 30° angle the arm stabilization pad allows proper joint alignment without elbow pressure on the pad.

Pull the large pop pin to lower the lifting arm and grab hold of the rotating V-bar handle for the bicep curl exercise. Now adjust the lifting arm upward and lock it in for a quality triceps press down.

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  • Multi grip handle allows overhand and underhand grip positions
  • Ultra thick Durafirm™ uholstery
  • 7 position seat adjustment
  • 28 hole adjustment for a full range of motion
  • Arm pad positioned at 30° angle for precise biomechanical movement
  • 5 x 5 cm and 5 x 10 cm high tensile strength steel
  • Adjustable lifting arm cam can be positioned upward for triceps workout
  • Selectorized 95 kg weight stack
  • Ideal for home and commercial use
  • Product : L 130.3 x W 91.3 x H 178.5 cm
  • Package 1: L 98 x W 87 x H 20 cm
  • Package 2: L 32 x W 25 x H 25 cm
  • Package 3: L 48 x W 39 x H 19 cm
  • Package 4 : L 183 x W 79 x H 11 cm
  • Package 5 : N/A
  • Net/gross weight: 183.8 kg / 193.5 kg


Data Sheet (PDF)

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