Body-Solid Landmines

Landmine and landmine attachments continue to grow in popularity and for good reason, they are safe, versatile, easy-to-use and produce consistent results as an affordable price.

Don’t let its appearance fool you, landmines may appear to be a simple barbell holder but the rotating base transforms your barbell into a total body conditioning tool. Combining the benefits of both weight and fixed movement, landmines allow users to train multiple planes while targeting specific muscle groups. Trainers and strength coaches alike love landmines because they’re safe, easy-to-use and most importantly, effective allowing you to improve strength and power while working your core, hip and shoulder muscles.

Landmine exercises are easy-to-learn and don’t carry the same safety risks involved with traditional lifting moments. Landmines are ideal for large groups without fear of injury due to improper form or lack of supervision.

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