Body-Solid Accessory Rack GDCCRACK



Rack up organization and functionality with Body-Solid's multi-tasking GDCC Functional Trainer Accessory Rack!

From a convenient place to hang your towel to a sturdy support for stretching routines to a graspable handle to brace for leg exercises, the GDCC Functional Trainer Accessory Rack is an indispensible addition to your Body-Solid GDCC210 Functional Trainer.

The GDCC Accessory Rack slides right down over the crossbar and locks into place with a simple two-bolt installation. Hooks on the back of the bar provide convenient, easy organization for gym accessories, and it's backed for a LIFETIME of use by the best warranty in the industry.

For the GDCC200 and GDCC210

Mounts to the rear bar for easy access, has 4 specially angled pegs for storing accessories. Accesories optional.


  • Product dimensions: L 76.2 cm x W 25.4 cm x H 12.7 cm
  • Package dimensions: L 80 x W 26 x H 14 cm
  • Net / Gross weight: 1.81 kg / 2.99 kg


Download GDCCRACK Datasheet (PDF)

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