Body-Solid Landmine Club Grip LMCG


Perform a wide array of press, squat and rotational movements with the Body-Solid LMCG Club Grip. A contoured 2,5 cm ball handle provides ultimate comfort and safety regardless of user hand size. An easy lock-down knob guarantees safety.

Growing in popularity by the year, landmines and landmine attachments are versatile, safe and easy-to-use.

Landmine exercises allow users to train in multiple planes while targeting a number of muscle groups. Thanks to a multitude of rotational exercise possibilities, landmines improve strength and power while working the stabilizing muscles of the core, hips and shoulders.

Trainers and strength coaches alike love landmines because they’re safe, easy-to-use and most importantly, effective.

Landmine exercises are easy-to-learn and don’t carry the same safety risks involved with traditional lifting moments. Landmines are ideal for large groups without fear of injury due to improper form or lack of supervision.

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  • Contoured ball handle for comfort and safety
  • 2,5 cm handle allows comfort to users with smaller hands
  • Easy lock-down knob for safety
  • Works with almost any Olympic bar
  • Product: L 59.5 x W 12.5 x H 7.5 cm
  • Package: L 60 x W 12 x H 7.5 cm
  • Net/gross weight: 3.2 kg / 3.5 kg
  • Max. weight capacity: 225 kg 


Data Sheet (PDF)

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