Group exercise has experienced huge growth in the fitness industry over the past 20 years.

With built-in motivation from instructors and classmates, it is no wonder why fitness enthusiasts head straight for the group exercise classes at the gym. Having quality equipment is crucial for any group exercise class which makes Body-Solid’s fitness products the perfect choice. From our high-tech indoor exercise bikes to fitness bars, Bod-Solid quality will not only retain your client base but help achieve their fitness goals.

Body-Solid continues to partner with gyms, personal training studios, schools and 24/7 fitness facilities to promote Group Exercise around the world. Our products are made with specifications to endure the toughest conditions in any kind of fitness facility.

Today’s gyms cater to many different types of Group Exercise classes. From the traditional yoga, fitness bar and medicine ball routines to the modern cardio barbell and bootcamps, Body-Solid can supply the equipment built to last.


Featured Corporate Facilities Case Study
Adrenaline Athletic Club, Canada

Adrenaline Athletic Club on Prince Edward Island in Canada has partnered with Body-Solid to provide a full range of accessories for resistance training, yoga and boot camp training. While Body-Solid delivered the tools, A2C delivered the education and motivation  for its clients making a permanent switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Adrenaline Athletic Club also serves as an authorized distributor for Body-Solid product in their 1000 sq/ft pro shop featuring the Body-Solid Tools accessory line. 

Body-Solid continues to react quickly to the latest trends in Group Exercise. A2C is a great example of how a mix of traditional and modern training methods can maintain memberships  while creating marketing opportunities to attract new clients.

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