Body-Solid has long been the premier source for gyms/clubs around the world.

From iron/weights to single station leverage pieces, Body-Solid is able to craft solutions to fit any size facility in any part of the world. Gym Owners can now source their equipment on one shipment from Body-Solid’s world headquarters in Forest Park IL.

Body-Solid knows what it takes to cater to all types of users, in all types of environments, and get the best possible result. Rock Solid is a great example of creating a full-workout environment that offers the perfect balance of flexibility and durability. Installing Body-Solid equipment into any facility is an easy task. Our professional fitness equipment experts will work with your needs, budget, and layout to provide the best possible options for your Gym or Health Club.

By partnering with our small gym clients, Body-Solid provides consulting and support services that are specially focused to their needs. Our team has extensive experience serving such gym clients as the U.S. Military branches, Russian Federation and 24/7 Fitness Facilities.


Featured Fitness Center Case Study
Rock Solid Gym, New Jersey

Many gyms cater to all types of clients, and require a wide range of fitness equipment. Body-Solid has an outstanding variety of home gyms, freeweight stations and machines, and cardio equipment, along with tons of options and accessories to build an entire workout. Fitness centers really test the durability of a product, and Body-Solid equipment is built to last, even in the harshest of environments.

Rock Solid Gym, in Cherry Hill New Jersey, needed Body-Solid to provide a full range of high-quality equipment that would meet the demanding needs of their diverse clientele. Body-Solid not only delivered an outstanding array of strength training and cardio equipment, but they also provided industry-leading service and warranties that made it an easy choice for Rock Solid.

  • Rock Solid Gym, New Jersey
  • Rock Solid Gym, New Jersey
  • Rock Solid Gym, New Jersey
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