Body-Solid 120 kg Olympic Weight Plates in Crate OPTK120



Quad-grip design guarantees safer and easier performance than any other plate on the market. These olympic plates are in iron cast from the highest quality and the weight is embossed printed on the plate. They will not split, crack or peel. The olympic plates are very easy to pick up when flat on floor due to the bulge at both sides of the plates.

Heavy lifting has never been easier or safer!



  • Olympic iron cast plates
  • 4 ergonomic handles for safety and better performance
  • Easy take off when flat on the floor
  • Accurate weight embossed printed on the plate
  • Available weights: 1.25 kg (4x), 2.5 kg (2x), 5 kg (4x), 10 kg (2x), 15 kg (2x), 20 kg (2x)
  • Netto weight: 120 kg
  • internal: Ø50 mm
  • Color: grey
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