Body-Solid Adjustable Aluminum Nylon Handle NB59A



The Body-Solid NB59A Aluminum Stirrup Handle is designed for use on pulley, cable or selectorized weight stack-based fitness equipment allowing users to perform several single or two-handed resistance exercises including presses, crossovers, pulldowns, rows, delt raises and more.

The NB59A offers convenient length adjustment thanks to built-in D-rings letting users extend or shorten the distance of the attachment point to the handle grip. The heavy-duty steel D-rings also attach quickly and easily to carabiners or other equipment attachments.

The ergonomically-designed, textured aluminum handle on the NB59A is lightweight and comfortable providing a consistent grip during workouts.

Add the Body-Solid NB59A Aluminum Stirrup Handle to any home gym, functional trainer or cable crossover machine today and unlock a near-unlimited amount of workout possibilities.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Featuring easy-adjust steel D-rings for quick changes
  • Product dimensions: L 33 cm x W 14 cm x H 3.2 cm
  • Package dimensions: L 18 cm x W 3 cm x H 12.5 cm
  • Gross weight: 0.16 kg
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