Body-Solid Aluminum Double Swivel Bar MB100A


The Body-Solid Tools MB100A Aluminum Double Swivel attaches to dual-cable functional trainers connecting to both weight stacks for smooth, unilateral movements.

Constructed from high-strength, rust-proof and light-weight aluminum, the MB100A is built to last a lifetime. Knurled grips ensure consistent handling during intense workouts.

The MB100A is ideal for use in shoulder presses, biceps and triceps exercises, lat pulldowns, bench/incline/decline press as well as squats.

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  • Attaches to dual-stack functional trainers (PFT100, GDCC200 & GDCC210)
  • High-strength, rust-proof, 35 mm lightweight aluminum
  • Dual Swivel for steady uninterrupted movements
  • Ideal for presses, squats and biceps & triceps workouts
  • Knurled grips
  • Product : L 106.5 x W 3.8 x H 3.8 cm
  • Package: L 115 x W 5.5 x H 5.5 cm
  • Net/gross weight: 1.6 kg / 1.8 kg
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