Body-Solid Tools Full Round Foam Roller BSTFR36F


Our latex free EPE Foam Roller is perfect for balance exercises, stability exercises, strength training, home exercise, home physical therapy, as well as use in a clinical setting.

The Foam Rollers’ design enhances balance, body awareness, muscle re-education, muscular flexibility, and dynamic strength. Foam Rollers are an exceptional self massage aid for all major muscle groups.

The BSTFR36F has a15 cm round diameter providing consistent pressure for massage and is great for improving posture and alignment.

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  • Develop core stability
  • Increase balance and stability
  • Increase flexibility
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Dynamic strength training
  • Full Size
  • EPE Foam
  • Product : H 91.4 x W 15.2 x H 15.2 cm
  • Package: L 93 x W 16 x H 9 cm
  • Net/gross weight: 1.2 kg / 1.4 kg
  • Color: blue
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