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Body-Solid Functional Trainer GFT100

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The Body-Solid GFT100 Functional Trainer is a versatile, reliable and space-saving functional trainer for home and garage gyms and fitness facilities.

The GFT100 Functional Trainer is built with two 72.5 kg weight stacks, but can be extended to two weight stacks of 95 kg or 140 kg.

The dual weight-stack design provides isolateral movements and balanced training. The Body-Solid GFT100 features a 1:2 stack to resistance ratio allowing for smaller incremental weight adjustments and an amazing range of motion.

Perform flys, presses, squats, lunges, shrugs, rows, curls, extensions, press downs, crunches and so much more. Add an optional Body-Solid bench or stability ball for even more workout variety.

Continued description

The GFT100 Functional Trainer is made of heavy 11-gauge 50 x 76 mm steel and has a black powder coating. It fits perfectly in any modern training facility and is built to last. As an added bonus, the GFT100 is space efficient, utilizing every inch of floor space.

Fully-adjustable, swiveling pulleys offer complete workout freedom; and the included attachments (aluminum stirrup handles, triceps rope, chin & dip belt and double swivel bar) will give users a near-unlimited number of workout options.  Use the included accessory rack to store each of these items and keep workout spaces clean and organized.

The integrated chinning bar offers additional versatility to the Body-Solid GFT100 Functional Trainer letting users perform chin-ups, pull-ups, leg raises and more.

  • Two 72.5 kg weight stacks (upgradable to two 95 kg or two 140 kg stacks)
  • 1:2 weight resistance ratio
  • 11-gauge, 50 x 76 mm steel construction
  • Two fully adjustable swiveling pulleys
  • Integrated chinning bar
  • Space-saving design
  • Body-Solid Light Commercial warranty, in-home Lifetime warranty
  • Product: L 114.5 x W 162.5 x H 210.8 cm
  • Package: N/A
  • Net weight: 287 kg



Data Sheet (PDF)

Owner’s manual (PDF)

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