Body-Solid Hexagon Attachment SR-STEP


The Body-Solid Hexagon Functional Training Rig is a customizable functional training system. The Body-Solid Hexagon System is perfect for fitness enthusiasts looking to get the most current exercise trends in the comfort of their home. 

The SR-STEP Plyo Step allows for all the same plyo box exercises in a fully-adjustable platform easily attachable to your HEX rig, HEX PRO Rig, or SPR1000 Commercial Power Rack. The Plyo Step is perfect for step-ups, box jumps, push-ups, running taps, v-sits, donkey kicks, plank abductors and more!

Compose your own Hexagon Rig and choose from the 24 individual HEXAGON attachments.

Attachment SR-STEP: Step (plyo)

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  • Product: N/A
  • Package: L 76 x W 47 x H 24.5 cm
  • Net/gross weight: 16.4 kg / 18.6 kg

Download SR-STEP Owner’s Manual (PDF)

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