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Body-Solid Power Rack GPR400



The Body-Solid GPR400 Power Rack is a heavy-duty Power Rack designed to fit in several facilities from home gyms, garage gyms to commercial strength training facilities, sports team weight rooms and more.

Constructed with 11-gauge steel frames and oversized industrial-strength hardware, the GPR400 offers superior durability and is built to withstand the intensity of heavy powerlifting and frequent group training.

With a height just under 203 cm, the GPR400 features a shorter height than most competitive Power Racks and will fit more comfortably in home, garage or basement gym settings.

A wide walk-in design gives users increased space and comfort when using the rack for a multitude of movements including squats, lunges, rack pulls and deadlifts. Add a Body-Solid bench and open up several new workout possibilities including decline and incline press, bench press, shoulder press and more.

An integrated 32 mm diameter pull-up bar adds additional functionality to the GPR400 Power Rack with the ability to perform pull-ups, chin-ups, leg lifts and oblique twists. 

Each GPR400 comes standard with pipe & pin safeties and J-cup liftoffs. Optional attachments and accessories including the GLA400 Lat Attachment, SPRCUA Multi-Chin, GPRDH Dip Handles, GPRTBR T-Bar Row, GPRUL U-Link and GPRWH Weight Horn allow complete customization to fit facility and user needs.


  • 11-gauge steel frames
  • Wide walk-in design
  • 5 cm hole spacing for safeties
  • Includes pipe & pin safeties and J-cup liftoffs
  • Integrated 32 mm pull-up bar
  • Optional attachments and accessories
  • Weight capacity: 450 kg
  • Product weight: 124 kg
  • Dimensions: L 133.6 x W 132 x H 201 cm


GLA400 Lat Attachment                 
SP150 Weight Stack            
GPRDH Dip Handles             
GPRUL U-Link Attachment             
GPRWH Weight Horns                    
GPRTBR T-Bar Row Attachment                
SCB26 Calf Squat Block




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