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Body-Solid Premium Yoga Mat BSTYM10



The new BSTYM10 Premium Yoga Mat is designed to be both beautiful and functional. Made of durable high density PVC, the mat will withstand high volume usage and provide a great partner to any yoga or exercise program. The mat has a preprinted center line with repeating horizontal marks every 6 inches allowing proper alignment and positioning called for in many exercises. In addition the repeating decorative pattern gives the user specific spots that can be used for positioning the body while exercising.


  • Premium Yoga Mat made from durable high density PVC
  • Decorative Pattern with specific spots for positioning, repeating center line markers



    • Product dimensions: L 173 x W 61.5 x H 0.5 cm
    • Package dimensions: L 61.5 x W 11.5 x H 12 cm
    • Net weight: 0.91 kg


    Download BSTYM10 Datasheet (PDF)

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