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Body-Solid Tools Ankle Cuff Resistance Tubes BSTART

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The BSTART Ankle Cuff Resistance Tubes feature soft-padded 5 cm wide Velcro ankle cuffs, a durable exterior and a hook and loop closure for a precise and secure fit during exercise.

Mobility is key with these tools as they allow users to go in multiple directions (forward, backward, diagonal and side-to-side) for full range of motion. The BSTART are a fully-adjustable and portable way to develop speed, agility and reaction time, strengthen the lower body and perform several rehabilitation exercises.

Increase the difficulty and effectiveness of lunges, squats, jumping jacks, hip abduction/adduction, leg lifts, glute kickbacks and more.

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  • BSTRT1 : very light (yellow)
  • BSTRT :  light (green)
  • BSTRT3 : medium (red)
  • BSTRT4 : heavy  (blue)
  • BSTRT5 : very heavy (black)
  • Strength, tone and work your lower body
  • Full range-of-motion for precise and effective training
  • Soft-padded ankle cuffs
  • Durable exterior
  • Hook & loop closure for secure fit
  • 5 circumference
  • Available in five color-coded resistance levels

Data Sheet (PDF)

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