Body-Solid Tools

Body-Solid Tools Farmers Walk Bars BSTFWH



Train like an olympic strongman with Body-Solid Tools BSTFWH Farmers Walk Bars. These high-quality farmers walk handles build strength and endurance across the entire body with a direct focus on grip strength, shoulders, back, legs and core.

Body-Solid Tools Farmers Walk Bars are 152.4 cm in length and weigh 8 kg each. Users can add weight to the farmers walk handles using built-in 30.5 cm weight collars. The Farmers Walk Bars feature knurled grip handles for firm and stable grip throughout farmer’s walks and other farmers walk handle exercises.


  • Build strength & endurance across body
  • Grip strength, shoulder, back, leg and core focus
  • Knurled grip handles
  • 11-gauge steel
  • 5 cm long, 5 cm diameter weight sleeves
  • Black powder-coat finish
  • Product weight: 8 kg each
  • Dimensions: L 1582.4 x W 7.6 x H 19 cm



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