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Easy-to-use mini bands secure safely to ankles, knees, calves, hips and glutes for lower-body conditioning and can be used across the body for total body conditioning, resistance training and stabilization work.

Body-Solid Tools Mini Bands are available in five color-coded resistance levels from very light (yellow) to extra-heavy (black) as well as five pack of all resistance levels: very light, light, medium, heavy and extra heavy. Each band measures 25.4 x 5 cm.

These versatile training tools can be used in any setting from personal training studios, fitness clubs to home workout spaces and can help aid in recovery and rehab from surgery or build strength in the legs, core, arms and back.

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Body-Solid Tools Mini Bands are made with snap-resistant rubber for added safety and stability throughout a workout.

Perform isometric workouts like monster walks, lateral walks, goblet squats, banded push ups, triceps push-backs and more. Combine two or more Body-Solid Tools Mini Bands for increased difficulty and resistance.

  • Body-Solid Tools Mini Band - yellow (ultra-lite) (BSTBM1)
  • Body-Solid Tools Mini Band - green (lite) (BSTBM2)
  • Body-Solid Tools Mini Band - red (medium) (BSTBM3)
  • Body-Solid Tools Mini Band - blue (heavy) (BSTBM4)
  • Body-Solid Tools Mini Band - black (ultra-heavy) (BSTBM5)
  • BSTBM-PACK Body-Solid Tools Mini Bands-Pack (BSTBM-PACK)
  • Build total body strength, coordination and balance
  • Secure to ankles, knees, calves, hips and glutes for lower body conditioning
  • Comprehensive all-body exercise tool
  • Available in five resistance levels
  • Ideal for training studios, fitness clubs and home workout spaces
  • Use for strength building or recovery and rehab
  • Made with snap-resistant rubber
  • Product Dimensions: 25.4 x 5 cm
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