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Body-Solid Tools Premium Speed Rope BSTSR10



Speed ropes help users boost agility, coordination, quickness and endurance while offering one of the most effective and efficient methods of cardio training. Jumping rope for only 10 minutes at a moderate pace is equal to running one mile in 12 minutes or cycling two miles in six minutes. Body-Solid’s BSTSR10 Premium Speed Rope improves upon previous speed rope design, offering one of the highest quality ropes on the market today.

The BSTSR10 features 48 mm PVC-coated speed cable meaning it will hold up under the most strenuous of workouts while contoured non-slip aluminum handles offer unparalleled comfort and stability. 305 cm adjustable length lets users customize the rope to their exact needs and adjustable 0.2 kg weights in each handle aids users in development of stronger forearms and wrists. Lastly, sealed ball-bearing swivels guarantee consistent rotation throughout the movement allowing you to perform standard jumps as well as double and triple-unders easily and effectively.

Start building endurance, coordination, quickness and agility today with the Body-Solid BSTSR10 Premium Speed Rope.



  • 305 cm adjustable length
  • 48 mm PVC-coated speed cable
  • Contoured non-slip aluminum handles
  • 0.225 kg adjustable handle weights
  • Sealed ball-bearing swivels
  • Boost cardio, agility, coordination, endurance, quickness and agility



  • Product dimensions: L 332 x W 2.5 x H 2.5 cm
  • Net weight: 0.5 kg


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