Powerline Multi-Chin Attachment PPRMCU


The PPRMCU Multi-Chin Up can help transform a PPR1000 Power Rack into a one-of-a-kind total training tool. This high-quality cross member attaches across the top of the PPR1000 Power Rack and helps add a multitude of workout options to the power rack including chin-up and pull-up movements from new, unique grip positions.

Each bar of the PPRMCU features grip-textured, non-slip paint for safe, comfortable and effective workouts.

*NOTE: Cannot be used in combination with the PLA1000 Full Cage Lat Attachment

  • Optional attachment for PPR1000
  • Unique grips for chin-up and pull-up movements
  • Grip-textured, non-slip paint
  • Warranty: Powerline 10-Year Home Warranty

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  • Product: L 108.3 x W 40 x H 15,2 cm
  • Package: L 112.5 x W 42.5 x H 15 cm
  • Net/gross weight: 7 kg / 8.6 kg
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