Powerline Power Rack Extention PPR1000EXT



The PPR1000EXT Power Rack Extension is an optional attachment for the PPR1000 Power Rack. The extension expands the back of the power rack creating an ideal spot for weight horns (PPRWH), u-links (PPRUL) or any number of several attachments. The PPR1000EXT rack extension also makes it easier for spotter access and opens up new workout options and possibilities..


  • Optional attachment for PPR1000 Power Rack
  • Extends Power Rack to 178 cm length
  • Perfect for additional attachments
  • Easier spotter access
  • Product Weight: 22.3 kg
  • Dimensions (attached to Power Rack): L 178 x B 129.3 x H 211 cm
  • Warranty: Powerline 10-Year Home Warranty



PPR1000 Datasheet

PPR1000 Assembly manual

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