Powerline Power Rack PPR1000



Powerline by Body-Solid’s PPR1000 Power Rack offers features and reliability on par with our commercial-grade Power Racks at a lower cost. The PPR1000 Power Rack can be expanded and customized with a number of options and attachments to make it ideal for any customer.

Measuring at 211 cm tall, this Power Rack is shorter than most commercial power racks making it a great choice for basements, garage gyms or home gym applications. Included with the rack are a pair of J-cups liftoffs and pipe & pin safeties allowing users to safely workout alone with peace of mind.


  • Customize and expand with attachments
  • Includes J-cups and safety spotter arms
  • 5 x 5 cm heavy gauge steel frame
  • 5 cm hole spacing for J-cups and safety spotter arms
  • Dimensions: L 136 x B 129.3 x H 211 cm
  • Product Weight: 76 kg
  • Weight Capacity: 315 kg
  • Warranty: Powerline 10-Year Home Warranty


  • PPR1000EXT- Powerline Rack Extension for PPR1000
  • PLA1000 -Powerline Lat Attachment for PPR1000
  • PPRUL -Powerline U-Link for PPR500/PPR1000
  • PPRTB -Powerline T-Bar Row for PPR500/PPR1000
  • PPRBP -Powerline Band Pegs for PPR500/PPR1000 (paar)
  • PPRWH -Powerline Weight Horns for PPR500/PPR1000
  • PPRJC -Powerline J-Cups for PPR500/PPR1000
  • PPRMCU -Multi Chin Attachment for PPR500/PPR1000



PPR1000 Datasheet

PPR1000 Assembly manual

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