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Pro Clubline Spotter Platforms SPRSP


Add a spotter platform to Body-Solid’s Pro Clubline SPR500 Half Rack and SPR1000 Power Rack with our SPRSP Spotter Platforms. Designed with schools and group workout facilities in mind, the rack-mounted Body-Solid SPRSP Spotter Platforms add increased safety for rack-based workouts like bench presses, incline presses, and more.

The spotter platform is stable, has a large surface area and features a diamond tread surface to ensure spotters have plenty of room to stand and won’t slip or lose footing while spotting.

The SPRSP safely and securely attaches to Body-Solid’s SPR500 and SPR1000 76 x 76 mm, 11-gauge steel uprights. With a weight capacity of 450 kg, the SPRSP will remain solid, safe, and stable even during heavy lifts. These platforms are fully-adjustable and allow users to customize the height depending on the spotter’s size and which lift is being performed.

  • Spotter Platforms compatible with Body-Solid SPR500 Half Rack and Body-Solid SPR1000 Power Rack
  • Increased safety for bench presses, incline presses, and more
  • Large 40.5 x 28 cm diamond-plated surface
  • Body-Solid Pro Clubline Full-Commercial Warranty
  • Product: L 40.5 x W 45.7 x H 40.6 cm
  • Net weight: 20 kg
  • Weight capacity: 450 kg

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