Pro Clubline T-Bar Row Machine STBR500


One of the most effective movements in fitness just got easier with the Body-Solid Pro Clubline STBR500 Row Machine.

The full-commercial rated STBR500 is an excellent addition to any workout facility and gives users a great way to perform the T-bar row movement.

The STBR500’s superior design differs from competitor’s T-Bar row platforms by eliminating the bar/rod in the middle of the platform giving users a superior range of motion and workout freedom.

A premium, oversized diamond-plated footplate keeps users solid and stable throughout their workouts. A large Olympic weight horn allows for simple weight plate addition and removal.

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Continued description

The STBR500 features a wide knurled bar with 16” of knurl on each side for wide and close grip lifts. The machine also features an eyelet allowing full customization of the machine with any cable handle for near-unmatched workout versatility.

The STBR500 is constructed with the commercial facility in mind and features a smooth rotation point at the back of the machine for consistent and precise returns on each movement.

Let your clients and customers enjoy the numerous benefits of T-Bar rows, bent-over rows, landmine exercises and start working every major muscle in their back as well as biceps, shoulders and core with the Body-Solid Pro Clubline STBR500 Row Machine.

  • Oversized diamond-plated footplate
  • Large integrated Olympic weight horn
  • 5 cm of knurl on each side of handle
  • Eyelet attachment for cable bars
  • 11-gauge steel construction
  • Product : L 197 x W 108 x H 46.5 cm
  • Package 1: L 150 x W 30 x H 12 cm
  • Package 2: L 112 x W 67 x H 17 cm
  • Net/gross weight: 74 kg / 80 kg
  • Warranty: full commercial


Owner’s manual

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