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ProClub Line Modulair Storage Rack SDKR

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Perfect for the storage needs of any facility, the new SDKR storage rack offers unparalleled flexibility for storage of dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls.  Each section has two or three tiers that can hold any one of four different shelves for small or large dumbbell, medicine ball or kettlebell storage. Mix and match to suit your specific needs.  In addition the rack is infinitely expandable for larger facilities with more extensive storage needs  (L 178 x B 81.3 x H 109.2 per section).

The SDKR is a versatile rack that can be customized to fit almost any need. To help answer any questions as to how many dumbells, kettlebells or medicine balls will fit on a particular shelf, please use the information below. Each item width is an approximation.

Dumbbell Shelves:
Both the SDKRDBS and SDKRDBL are flat dumbbell shelves that can any of the rubber dumbbells, hex dumbbells or vinyl or neoprene coated dumbbells.
The SDKRDBS has a surface space of 150 x 30.5 cm and is perfect for any size up to 45 kg dumbbells. The SDKRDBL has a surface area of 150 x 45.7 cm and is perfect for 47.5-55 kg dumbbells.

Kettlebell Shelves:
The SDKRKB Kettlebell shelf can hold a variety of Kettlebells. The SDKRKB has a surface space of 150 x 30.5 cm.

Medicine Ball Shelves:
The SDKRMB Medicine Ball shelf can hold a variety of BSTMB Medicine Balls, BSTDMB Dul-Grip Medicine Balls, MSTSMB Soft Medicine Balls or BSTHB Slam Balls. The SDKRMB shelf has a width of 150 cm


  • Mix and Match Tiers for Dumbbell, Medicine Ball or Kettlebell storage
  • Expandable Rack System for Any Size Facility
  • Heavy Gauge Oval Steel Frame
  • Full Commercial Rating


SDKRUP2 2-Tier Upright

SDKRUP3 3-Tier Upright

SDKRKB Kettlebell Shelf

SDKRMB Medicine Ball Shelf

SDKRDBS Dumbbell Shelf

SDKRDBL Large Dumbbell Shelf

SDKRSD6 6 Saddle Shelf

SDKRSD8 8 Saddle Shelf

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